Project Experience

Promotional and Educational Materials

Symbios has extensive experience in the preparation of promotional materials, designed to report key technical analyses or political messages to a wide audience. These might be to convey the conclusions of a technical conference or meeting, to raise organisational profile at a political event, or as PR to the tax-paying public. Examples include:

  • The Committee on Earth Observation Satellites brochure for the 1992 Rio UNCED Conference (for         British National Space Centre, BNSC)
  • Satellite Earth Observations in Support of Climate Information Challenges – Special 2015 COP21 Edition         (for ESA/CEOS)
  • Earth Observations in Support of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (for JAXA/GEO/CEOS)
  • CEOS Missions, Instruments and Measurements Database Online
  • Financial and market analyses

Much of our work in this area relates to Earth observation (EO) programmes. Government EO projects are coming under increasing budget pressure and are often required to consider commercialisation opportunities. The new wave of commercial operators competing in the high resolution imagery market must also understand how best to position themselves for maximum profit.

Symbios has helped both sides research the key issues and identify important strategy decisions.

  • Research and Development Dependencies to 2020 (CSIRO, 2011)
  • Ground segment costs and models review for ALOS (NASDA)
  • A review of the financial impact of collaboration in satellite programme developments (European Space         Agency, ESA)
  • Risks of Data Supply of Earth Observations from Space for Australia (CRC-SI, 2015)
  • Pricing strategy for Ikonos data (Space Imaging Europe)
  • Research into potential for commercial exploitation of ENVISAT in the UK (BNSC)
  • Promotion of the EO markets in the insurance and civil Engineering sectors in Europe (Centre for Earth         Observation)
  • A Review of the International Space Landscape (Australian Dept Industry, 2010)

Programme Support

Over the course of several years and a range of different contracts, Symbios consultants assisted NASDA/JAXA, Japan in the development of data policy and in promoting overseas collaboration for the ADEOS programme – including developing demand for the mission products and exploring practical frameworks for user involvement. We were also instrumental in the design and execution of the ALOS Data Node network involving partners in USA, Japan, Europe and Australia.

Again in Japan, we assisted Mitsubishi Research Institute in their work on the Gigabit Satellite project for NASDA to look at the complex issues surrounding government and industry collaboration and whether lessons from overseas practices might be applied.

Applications Development

With many years’ experience in both government-funded and commercial applications development, Symbios is well placed to assist in identifying new applications and in developing practical institutional and project frameworks for their implementation. For BNSC, Symbios consultants managed the delivery of new concepts for AIDMAP (Application of Integrated GIS for Disaster Response Mapping) and COAST (for coastal zone management). Building on a separate development (Flightwatch) which uses GIS and fleet tracking technology for a global aircraft management system for British Airways, Symbios consultants proposed and prototyped an Ocean Data and Fleet Operations Management System (ODFOMS), an international project to integrate satellite data with fleet management functions for optimal fishing operations and conservation management.

Symbios was engaged for a period of 8 years by the Australian Government to define and implement the Global Forest Observations Initiative (GFOI) and in particular to coordinate support of the world’s major space agencies to guarantee supply of the EO satellite data needed to support global forest monitoring activities.

Policy Support

As the radio spectrum comes increasingly under pressure from the explosion in different types of mobile devices and the number of operators trying to market them, efficient spectrum management by government becomes more and more vital. Based upon pioneering work undertaken for the UK Radiocommunications Agency, Symbios consultants assisted in a review of application of economic techniques to the management of the radio spectrum in Japan.

This work, which attempted to estimate the equivalent economic value of different components of the spectrum, was undertaken for the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, Japan in order to support development of future licensing strategy and is a typical example of our policy support experience of government agencies.